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Filey Bay Porter Cask is an English single malt whiskey combining the distillery's two distillation styles (pot still and column still). One of a kind, the process that gave life to this product was long and very careful: the Marmalade Porter from Wold Top Brewery was matured in ex-Filey Bay whiskey barrels to create the Rip Curl Barrel Aged beer and then they Those ex-Porter barrels were used to mature the whisky. Only 2,000 bottles available.

The result? Fruity and complex with notes of chocolate orange, toasted malt, baked apples and candied fruit.

From field to bottle, is the philosophy of Spirit Of Yorkshire Distillery, respecting the tradition of North East Yorkshire.

Barley and Mellor family water are the main ingredients for each bottle of Filey Bay Single Malt Whisky, no cold filtration process, maintaining the natural color and the heady scent of ripe, dried fruit and dark chocolate. In short, PROUDLY MADE OF YORKSHIRE.

“Led by renowned whiskey expert Dr. Jim Swan, Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery's instinctive approach is to take the best of tradition, apply it to new thinking and create a unique whisky.

The barley farms in Hunmanby and the water sources are owned by the family. The distillation, aging and bottling phases take place directly in the company. They have reclaimed old sherry and bourbon casks to give the whiskey more subtle and complex flavours.

Very few distilleries in the UK can boast full control of all stages of production.

The logo reproduces the silhouette of a booby (Morus bassanus), a seabird with a tapered body and a slightly curved beak. The largest European colony of this species lives near the distillery. Every year they always return to the same place to start the nesting phase. The producers of Spirit of Yorkshire have identified precisely with this attachment: it is important to travel, discover, share ideas but attachment to one's land and one's traditions remains an indispensable point in everyone's life."

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Filey Bay


Spirit of Yorkshire, England


Single malt whiskey


Column still, Discontinued, pot still


ex-Porter casks



Peat grade

not peaty


70 cl