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A selection of whiskeys from unique barrels that wants to make your time unforgettable. Chosen with passion, for you. Try them and enjoy the experience.



Morisco Spirits is not just whiskey. From autumn 2021 a couple of rums selected with the care that distinguishes us await you. Try them and enjoy the experience.



Fettercairn 16 years old

Nose: Complex and lively, with hints of plum jam, cinnamon and mocaccino. In the background a dirty note reminiscent of a hot legume soup.
Palate: Full-bodied and fat, the barrel worked excellently. Intense notes of white pepper alternate with a strudel sweetness… Surprising!
Final: Persistent with tasty balsamic and spicy declinations.

fettercairn 16 morisco spirits

Ben Nevis 8 years old

Nose: Dirty and oily with notes of rubber and yeast.
Palate: Mineral and fat with waxy and slightly citrus notes.
Final: Moderately persistent and slightly herbaceous.

Ardmore 11 years old

Nose: Elegant and fleshy, with floral, leather and white chocolate hints.
Palate: Explosive and fruity with notes of mandarin, ginger and black pepper.
Final: Persistent and smoky.

Caol ILA 11 years old

Nose: Complex with hints of brine, lemon cream and prunes.
Palate: Oily with notes of salty biscuit, citrus and green olives.
Final: Persistent and fruity with notes of banana and toasted almond.

Strathmill 26 years old

Nose: Delicate and floral with hints of white grapes, mown grass, lemon and marzipan.
Palate: Gentle with notes of honey, chamomile, almonds and yellow fruit.
Final: Clean and majestic with a strong presence of barley malt, amaretto and vanilla.

Staoisha 7 years old

Nose: Coastal, with notes of medicinal peat, ginger, and canned peach.
Palate: Very fruity with notes of mango, apricot, banana and vanilla.
Final: Persistent and brackish with hints of lemon juice, salted caramel and peat smoke.


WP 14 years old

Nose: Engaging with hints of pineapple, white melon, pear, acetone and toasted coffee.
Palate: Intense with notes of ripe banana, black pepper and dark chocolate.
Final: Moderately persistent and oily.

Diamond 17 years old

Nose: Majestic with notes of roasted coffee, burnt sugar and raisins.
Palate: Exciting with notes of licorice, black pepper, orange peel and bitter cocoa.
Final: Persistent with balsamic and woody notes.